UK Student Visa Route | Key Factors Of Future Placements

It is important that a candidate chooses a subject for which he has aptitude and inclination and also a University and course which would make him fit for a job after the course. Understanding the course content is very important.

Genuineness is vital in the Entry Clearance procedure for international students planning to come to the UK and there will be thorough scrutiny. Mistakes, omissions or inaccuracies could lead to refusal based on genuineness.

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The UK is a hub for higher education with so many prestigious and world class universities and schools. There are over 160 Universities in the UK offering thousands of courses.

There are reputed high ranking Universities with superior course content, outstanding faculty and excellent facilities. Mostly in such Universities the fee structure would also be higher.

About 20 Universities in the UK figure in the list of top 100 Universities of the world.

There are other so many universities which do not figure in the list of top Universities. For some Universities the overall ranking may not be high still some of their specific Courses may be reputed and well received in the job market.

Though the UK government sets high standards generally for its educational institutions, every course and every university may not give a student placement opportunities or attractive career prospective. Therefore, it is very crucial that right choices of course and university are made by the student candidate.

After you chose your Course and University. Application has to be made to the University. Once you are selected by the Institution, you will get an unconditional offer and the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). The University must be a licensed student sponsor. The University will be the Sponsor for the student for immigration purpose. Generally there will be a credibility interview before acceptance of the Candidate. Application for Visa must be submitted within six months of receiving the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), from your sponsor university.

Many students make the wrong choices when opting for a course in the UK simply because they don’t enter into the process armed with the necessary knowledge to make informed decisions. Often they become prey to unfair agencies. Such agencies would be bothered about their own interest instead of the Student’s interest and welfare.

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