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Are you in detention, and can you be granted bail?

The Immigration Tribunal possess the power to grant bail. Should The Immigration Tribunal decide to do so, conditions will be upheld.

Deportation, is an order in which a non-British citizen is expelled from the UK. The order serves to remove a person’s current status to remain in the UK. Unless the order is revoked, the person is ineligible to return to the UK. Please note that the government cannot exercise a deportation order to remove a person who has already left the UK.

Detention, is the practise of detaining individuals who are of interest to immigration control. The individual is usually held in a detention centre or a place where the Secretary of State deems to be appropriate. Prisons and reception centres are also used but with a less controlled and severe environment. Limitations on the power to detain arise in cases where there is an individual who is subject to a lengthy detention with no realistic chance of removal or has strong ties to the community. Please note that the actions of the detainee, whether in the past and the present, may discourage or encourage the power detain.

Removal, also known as administrative removal, is a direction in which a person is removed from the UK. Removal is different from deportation as it is not an order and there is no time period attached to the enactment of the removal. It applies to individuals who have overstayed, entered the UK illegally and breached the conditions of their stay in the UK.

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