New Salary Threshold for Tier 2 Migrants

From April 2017 salary threshold for experienced workers is being increased from £25,000 to £30,000 per annum for the majority of new applicants. However, nurses along with some other medical professionals like medical radiographers, paramedics and secondary school teachers in some disciplines have been exempted from this.

This increase in threshold for the salary will not affect existing tier 2 migrants whose COS assigned before 24th November 2016 while applying for further leave to remain and their threshold will be £20800. However, for COS assigned between 24th November 2016 and 6th April 2017, the threshold will be £25000.

The salary threshold for the new entrants to the Tier 2 general will still remain at £20,800. New Entrants, as defined by the Home Office, are the visa applicants who are either under 26 years of age or switching from a Tier 4 student category and the applicant is exempt from the resident labour market test (RLMT) because they qualify under the post-study work provisions.

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