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Immigrate means to move into a non-native country or region to live there. The UK is a favoured destination for immigration for various reasons. It is a vibrant economy with a lively manifold job market. The UK has world class top Universities for aspiring students from all over the world. The UK society and culture are ideal and class apart. Hence, the UK offers superior life and a lot more for the natives as well as non-natives.

The immigration rules/legislations keep changing from time to time in accordance with the UK Government Policy. The United Kingdom (UK) exited the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020, which is referred in short as Brexit. Brexit ended free movement from EU countries. After Brexit the UK Government brought in vast changes in the UK immigration rules.

The UK’s points-based immigration system Policy Statement, published by the UK Government on 19th February 2020 emphasised as under:

“We intend to create a high wage, high-skill, high productivity economy.”

“We will deliver a system that works in the interests of the whole of the UK and prioritises the skills a person has to offer, not where they come from.”

“From 1 January 2021, EU and non-EU citizens will be treated equally and give top priority to those with the highest skills and the greatest talents” Now a level playing field is provided for the EU and non-EU citizens. The new changes came into effect from 1st January 2021. The UK immigration system offers various visa routes, leave to remain, and permanent settlement.

Our Immigration Solicitors in East London would help you with applications for the following:

We also cover a wide range of cases across many different areas, some which pertain to the following:
  • Human Rights Cases
  • Detention, Removal and Deportation Matters
  • Regularisation of Illegal Immigrants
  • All types of Entry Clearance Matters

The Role of Our Immigration Solicitors in East London

Immigration can be confusing and stressful, especially if you don’t know where to turn for help and advice. We understand your concerns and can relate to these. We know there is a lot of information out there and it’s often difficult to determine what is factual. This is where we can help. As a well-known law firm in East London, we specialize in UK immigration and are here to provide support with all types of concerns and issues.

Our team of immigration solicitors East London can advise on a number of different areas, including UK citizenship, Working Visas, Appeals, Point Based Applications, and much more.

We aim to support you through the process and most importantly, to take the stress and worry off your shoulders. Every case we handle is dealt with efficiently and we always ensure we remain sensitive to our clients’ needs and concerns at all times. We listen and handle every case individually.

We have a strong reputation within the local area and are a popular choice for those seeking representation on aspects related to the immigration process. Whether you are making an application or need to seek advice on what to do next – we can help.

Hire an immigration solicitor in East London

Our immigration solicitors in East London are highly experienced in a range of areas, including both civil and criminal cases. We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and reliable service and delivering a first-class solution at all times.

Are you currently dealing with a renewal or refused application? Are you applying for a Student or Work VISA or wanting to migrate to another country? Are you worried about approaching deadlines? If so, we can help! At Legend Solicitors, our immigration solicitors in East London deal with all sorts of issues and offer our help and services to those in all stages of the process.

We take pride in our ability to resolve complicated immigration or VISA related matters for our clients in the most efficient and respectful manner.

What Makes Us One of The Best Immigration Solicitors In East London

We are specialists in UK immigration law and therefore have the experience and qualifications needed to help you whatever your current status. Contact immigration solicitors today with your questions and we’ll be only to happy to advise you on how to take your case or application in the right direction.

We analyze and cater to the individual requirements of our clients to figure out the appropriate course of action in every matter. Leave all aspects related to the UK Home Office to us and let us take the stress and worry off your shoulders to support and guide you through the cumbersome process. Being one of the most reputed law firms in East London, regardless of your immigration status– prospective migrant, wanting to switch/renew status, refugee/asylum seeker- our dynamic team of experienced specialists in the UK Immigration Law is ready to guide you through.

Our Immigration Solicitors In East London Are Here For You

Call the best immigration solicitors in East London to offer today on 020 3130 174 or email us at Your first chat with one of our specialist Immigration Solicitors London is free and could give you the information you need to achieve your goals. If you need legal advice and want to find out more about our legal services in East London, we are happy to have an initial chat to see how we might be able to support you. Ring us up on 0 20 8548 0302 or drop an email or just walk in to our office in East Ham, London, to initiate a conversation free of cost and let’s draw a strategy together.

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