Getting access to your UK eVisa | Why you need an eVisa
Getting access to your UK eVisa

UKVI (UK Visas and Immigration) is taking their immigration system to virtual reality, replacing
physical documents related to immigration with their online counterparts, thus a new term,
eVisa. An eVisa is an online record of an individual’s immigration status regarding the permit to
enter or stay in the UK, which you can retrieve and share at your will. Getting access to your UK
eVisa is just creating a UKVI account away.

Documents being replaced and stored in your UKVI account

These existing documents of yours will have a digital counterpart in your UKVI account: Biometric Residence Permits (BRP) Biometric Residence Cards (BRC) Passport endorsements (including Indefinite Leave to Enter wet ink stamps) Vignette stickers in passports (such as entry clearance or visa vignettes)

Why you need an eVisa or UKVI account?

Why you need an eVisa or UKVI account?
Convenience and ease for both the benefactor and the officials come as the primary ends of
implementing eVisa in the UK. Down the road, immigrants in the UK won’t have to carry a
physical document proving their credentials. Your UKVI can register your documents online,
which is super-easy to access anytime and present before the officials.
However, you will have to carry them until the end of 2024, after which you can go
empty-handed except for your passport.
● They will be safe and secure
● Retrieving documents will only take seconds
● They are like an all-in-one solution
● You can easily deal the status proving situation with your employers
● There will be no more “I forgot it.”
● You run no risk of getting it tampered with.

Creating a UKVI account and its functionality

You will need the following to set up a UKVI account:
● A smartphone
● An email address and a phone number
● Your BRP card
If you don’t have your BRP card, you need a valid passport and either your BRP number
or visa application number.
Creating an account is easy. Upon completion, you can find the details of your eVisa – its type,
expiry, status, etc. It will be further linked to your passport as well. The account will also allow
you to update your personal information, including your contact details. Keeping your passport
and ID card details up to date will render your border-time procedures hassle-free because your
immigration status can be easily identified.
A UKVI account will let you share your immigration status information with a third party for a
limited time through a one-time code (you can generate it in the View and Prove Service).
Furthermore, the account has been designed to share your necessary immigration status
automatically with government departments, minimizing your effort.


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