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Legend Solicitors is a legal firm run by Mr Aravind Sreevalsalan based in London. Mr Aravind Sreevalsalan, our associate solicitors and all other staff members has vast experience in Immigration, Litigation, Personal Injury, Conveyancing (Property Matters), Landlord & Tenants, Employment Law, Family Law Etc.

Mr Aravind Sreevalsalan started his career under the renowned lawyers, Adv M Radhakrishnan Nair and the late Adv P V Sadanandan. He gained considerable experience as an advocate in common-law jurisdiction. During his practice, he represented several nationalised banks and appeared in civil and criminal cases. After completing his postgraduate degree in International Trade Law from Staffordshire University, he started practicing as a solicitor in London.

Legend Solicitors have been providing expert UK immigration services to clients of all nationalities across the world. We provide UK legal assistance to foreign students and skilled workers/migrants to apply for permanent residency, visa extension, change of visa status, and all other in-demand immigration and visa services to many.

Our office is located in East Ham in London, we are authorised and regulated by The Solicitors Regulation Authority. Our doors are open even on weekends to facilitate you visa assistance or any information on migration procedures to any country required by you. MORE

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