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A Sponsor is a UK based entity (LTD, Plc, LLP) that wishes to employ a Non EU Citizen applicant in the United Kingdom. To sponsor an applicant as an employer, you will need to be registered with the UK Border Agency as a Licensed Sponsor.

For this registration to be accepted as an employer, you will need to meet certain specific requirements prescribed by the UK Border Agency under Tier 2 rules of sponsoring an employee and accept certain responsibilities to help with immigration control and compliance.

Sponsor will need to assign a Certificate of Sponsorship before potential employee can apply for leave to enter the United Kingdom or remain in the UK under Tier 2. The Certificate of Sponsorship will act as a guarantee that the applicant is able to undertake a particular job and intends to do so.

At Legend solicitors we will help you fulfill your responsibilities as a sponsor with regards to your Sponsorship license with the UK Visas & Immigrations.
Contact our solicitor immediately for legal advice and need to proceed further, if your company need skilled employees & like a family employees need to stay with your organisation on longer period, Call us on 020 3130 1747 or E-Mail us at info@legendsolicitors.org

Why only Our Sponsorship Licences Solicitors In London?

Legend Solicitors has successfully assisted many organisations to obtain their Sponsorship Licence, ranging from large care homes, IT companies, through to small start-up companies.

Our service is personalized yet professional to meet our clients’ requirements. We have established strong relationships with the business communities which enable us to effectively manage the progress of your application and provide you with regular updates and accelerate services where possible.

We provide a personalized professional service and can seamlessly integrate all steps of the application, from preparing the licence application, filling it with the UK Border Agency through to managing the full visa process for your employees. Our service does not end once your Licence has been approved. A dedicated Case Manager will be available for future UK visa queries you may have and provide on-going support and consultation on maintaining your Licence.

Legend Solicitors is a fast growing independent organisation. one of the top solicitors in East London with a global presence in providing immigration services and solutions. We specialize in all aspects of corporate immigration, nationality and work sponsorship law.

Legend Solicitor has set high levels of service standards with its clients which meets pre-defined service levels for our clients and their employees by following our smarter efficient service philosophy while dealing with clients.

Throughout the relationship, each client is provided with an accomplished specialist Case Manager as a single point of contact. This enables our team to maintain uniformity of service and affords each client a more convenient and central point of accountability from start to finish.

Key Benefits

With Our Sponsorship License Solicitors In London, your organisation will benefit from:

  • Value to your costs incurred.
  • Slick and streamlined service.
  • Improved value for your productivity.
  • Achieving high levels operational efficiency and compliance.

Has your Sponsorship Licences been Suspended by UK Visas & Immigrations?

At Legend solicitors we will help you fulfill your responsibilities as a sponsor with regards to your Sponsorship license with the UK Visas & Immigrations.

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