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Personal Injury

Did you have injury out of slip, trip or fall in a public place recently? Are you the victim of Medical negligence? Had a Road traffic accident? Ever hit by an untraceable driver? Inflicted an Injury whilst at Work? Got Injured due to someone else’s fault?

We can HELP you with a Claim to secure a handsome repayment!!!

Why not pop in and get a preliminary assessment done to check your claim on its merits, alternatively, just give us a phone call!!!

No Win No Fee – You don’t pay a penny for your case unless we win it for you.

Call us now to convert your potential claim into compensation with the best personal injury team.

Sorry to know that you got injured but our personal injury team at Legend Solicitors will fight to its core to secure the best possible result for your personal injury claim.

Personal injury claims that we deal with

At Legend Solicitors, we are well versed in many legal claims areas, some of which include: We offer a free initial consultation to see whether there are grounds for a claim and then operate on a No Win No Fee basis. Simply call us now on 0207 130 1747 or email at