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Sponsorship License For The Employer

Tier 2 SMS management

SMS is an online tool that allows you(Tier 2 sponsorship License Holder) to administer your day-to-day sponsorship duties and activities, such as assigning certificates of sponsorship (CoS) and confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS) and reporting changes to a migrant’s circumstances.

SMS should be used for:

  • Managing your key personnel and licence details.
  • Creating, assigning and viewing CoS.
  • Applying for and assigning restricted CoS.
  • Reporting activities relating to your sponsored workers and/or students.
  • Renewing your allocations and applying for additional CoS and/or CAS.
  • Applying for Premium customer service (if desired), tracking Premium, HTS and licence renewal applications.
  • Paying for and tracking the progress of action plans.

Tier 2 SMS Management services

As a business is holding a Tier 2, Sponsor Licence, there are many requirements for the Sponsors to comply with as per the Tier 2 Guidance notes. The Home Office officials may conduct checks, including unannounced visits.

Legend Solicitors offers a comprehensive compliance service to the Sponsors, w for an annual retainer fee which includes an exclusive legal expense Tier 2 Sponsorship license insurance protection. Legend Solicitors will ensure that your company continues to meet the regulations.

A few Examples include Human Resources Systems and procedures to report on-time reporting to the Home Office about the changes to the business (such as change of address or a change of an Authorising Officer, Key Contact, Level 1 user), reporting an employee leaving, not turning up for work as well as changes in the salary.

Tier 2 SCU Visit

As sponsor if your Tier 2 license is suspended or revoked this can have a serious impact on your business depending on your circumstances. You will not be able to sponsor any new migrants, and existing migrants will have their leave curtailed (and will ultimately be forcibly removed from the UK, unless they were not complicit in the event leading to the license revocation, and they find a new sponsor within 60 days).

Penalties and Fines

In addition to suspension or revocation of your organisation’s Tier 2 license and apart from threat of the removal from the register of Sponsors. Your organisation can end up paying a series of Civil Penalties (up to £20,000) for employers, as well as a new criminal offence, which carries a prison sentence of up to 2 years, The most severe of these penalties are reserved for those employers knowingly employing illegal migrant workers.

Retainer Services.

Legend Solicitors will provide professional legal advice and guidance in relation to your Tier 2 Sponsorship guidance

Our services include the following:

  • Comprehensive advice and guidance on boarding new migrants as per the Tier 2 guidance notes.
  • Ensure that your organisation is awarded an A-rating from the outset, planning and management of migrant workers your organisation intends to sponsor, Which will be reviewed on a yearly basis with your selves to manage and request any additional Cos if required.
  • This process includes an initial compliance audit relating to your organisation’s existing HR systems and procedures. The process and materials that we use are designed to be as efficient as possible to ensure your organisation adheres and meets the requirements set out in the Tier 2 Guidance notes issued by the Home Office.
  • Advise in the best possible practices to administer the Sponsor Management System, This includes advise on keeping accurate records of all issued Certificates, and of all information provided through the SMS to Home Office.
  • Legend Solicitors will update all relevant details as we are informed of them, and advise your organisation to take up proactive steps and corrective measures to correct any discrepancies, before these cause any problems with the Home Office.
  • Provide you with important updates and comments (as necessary) in reference to specific areas of compliance which we feel may require additional measures to meet the demanding and complex standards of the Tier 2 Sponsorship management system.
  • Clear guidance documents and updates to be issued to all line managers of sponsored staff, or HR Officers to ensure that the right issues are reported to On the SMS in the stipulated time as per the Tier 2 guidance notes.
  • Set up periodic checks, processes and procedures are in place to report on the status of migrants, to ensure, all relevant information are updated through the SMS.

Professional tailored expert legal advice is available to your organisation from Legend Solicitors to gain maximum benefit from the new system, while remaining compliant, Legend Solicitors would be very pleased to assist you.

We are also able to offer services to employers who have already applied to become registered sponsors.

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