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Visiting as an Entertainer

You can come to the UK as an entertainer visitor if you are:

  • Taking part in a music competition as a professional entertainer;
  • An internationally famous person taking part in broadcasts or public appearances, provided you are not being paid;
  • Taking part in an audition, provided this is not in front of an audience (either paying or non-paying);
  • An amateur entertainer coming for a specific engagement as an individual performer;
  • Part of a group of amateur entertainers (such as a choir or youth orchestra) coming for a specific engagement;
  • A professional entertainer taking part in a charity concert or show, provided the organisers are not making a profit and you are receiving no fee;
  • An amateur or professional entertainer taking part in a cultural event sponsored by a government or recognised international organisation, or a major arts festival, or a cultural event or festival included in the UK Border Agency permit free festival list – see Appendix R of the Immigration Rules;
  • A member of the technical or support staff (such as a dietician, bodyguard or press officer) of amateur or professional entertainers, attending for the same event; or
  • An official (such as a choreographer, stage manager or designer) attending the same event as the entertainer.

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