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Venture Capital

If you have an innovative entrepreneurial idea the most difficult part is raising capital for changing your ideas into reality. If you have an established business and wish to expand, raising capital can be major hurdle in expanding your business.

When main stream banks often refuse to lend to start ups or business to expand due to the stringent conditions and current economic climate, Venture Capitalist or Seed Funder are the next possibility to raise capital for your organisation.

We at Legend Solicitors can introduce you to Venture Capitalist or Seed Funder if you have an innovative business idea. You need to have a well written and structured business plan.

If you are able to raise fund from a Venture Capital or Seed Funding, immigration rules needs only £50,000 to be invested to get the Entrepreneur visa. Although Venture Capitals are open to entrepreneurs to approach directly, most Venture Capitals prefer for a quality introduction through a professional who deal with venture Capitalists. Legend solicitors can help you to get quality and professional introductions to Venture Capitalists or Seed Funders.

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