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Technology Sector

Information and technology is a continuous and evolving sector and break neck speeds which require continuous skills to maintain and develop new technologies. United Kingdom being the nerve centre of innovative financial technologies requires a global work force of skilled work force to maintain its status.

The Role of Legend Solicitors
Clients (IT companies and Non- EU IT Workers) requiring legal support within this Sector, will be looking to their solicitors to work closely together with them in order to provide advise on complex immigration matters and other service across a wide range of issues, such as:

  • Obtaining and Maintaining sponsorship licences
  • Employment contracts
  • Organisation Structures Umbrella Companies Set up and maintenance
  • Processing Tier 2 Visas for Non EU Workers
  • In country or out Country Applications, Appeals and representation in immigration and employment tribunals
  • Compliance work in fulfilling responsibilities as a license holder for sponsoring Non EU workers

Contact our solicitor immediately for legal advice and you need to take action in timely,
Call us on 020 3130 1747 or E-Mail us at info@legendsolicitors.org