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Hospitality Sector

The Hospitality Sector faces difficulty in employing skilled workers. There are more than 1000 ethnic restaurants in the United Kingdom. Most of these restaurants require specific cuisine related skilled chefs and support staff from those particular countries. Those applying for involvement within the Hospitality Sector will need advice on the allocation of restricted and unrestricted sponsorship.
Although Tier 2 Sponsorship can be assigned for skilled chefs with a minimum annual salary of £29,000.00, the Home Office are reluctant to allocate restricted work permits to Tier 2 Sponsors.
In most cases, requests for CoS (Certificate of Sponsorship) will be refused by the Home Office on the grounds that the applicant does not meet the criteria of a skilled Chef.

The Role of Legend Solicitors
Therefore, a sensible and practical approach while applying for the allocation of the restricted CoS is essential in helping a client to obtain a suitable Sponsorship allocation.
Legend solicitors have experience in getting restricted CoS for Sponsors from the UK Border Agency.

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