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Family Law

Feel like cheated, dumped or think your relationship has broken down irretrievably? Want to re-marry and move on in your life? Divorced previously in some other country and want to declare your marital status in England and Wales? Need a Piecemeal Distribution of your matrimonial assets? Looking for capable, trustworthy professionals to take care of your property and pension splitting along with custody of children? Your ex-wife is creating issues with child contact? Matrimonial status based visa problems with Home Office or UKBA?

We provide family law services in East London area to bring pride to our priced client chain in providing tailor made legal support to not only to our clients but also to their families in a passionate yet compassionate fashion whilst they are experiencing strained family relationship.

At Legend Solicitors, The Family law services of highly skilled divorce solicitors will leave you amazed with the ease your family matters gets concluded with us as we recognise the psychological impacts that divorce and family disputes can have on our clients.

Divorce in the England and Wales jurisdiction is a reasonably straightforward mission and not at all a time consuming procedure, unlike in some other countries.

For the one off solution to all of your Family Law related issues, don’t hesitate but contact Legend Solicitors only.

If married earlier, you may be eligible for filing a Divorce on the following grounds;
As your marriage is irreconcilable breakdown due to either adultery, unreasonable behaviour, desertion for more than 2 years, 2 years separation with the other party’s consent or 5 years separation. Do remember, unless basing the petition on 2 years separation you do not require the other party’s consent for Divorce.

Solicitor’s note; we advise our clients to put forward their immediate plans as the divorce process normally takes between 3 to 6 months of time. Usually no court attendance is necessary during the whole process. We are the experts in minimising the stress out of the divorce procedure.

Contact our solicitor immediately for legal advice and you need to take action in timely,
Call us on 020 3130 1747 or E-Mail us at info@legendsolicitors.org