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Employment Law

Have your say against age/sex/sexual orientation discrimination at work place? Do you feel bullied or harassed by your work colleague? Need protection for Whistle blowing and data protection? Have you been discriminated due to your disability or being unfairly dismissed under the charges of gross misconduct? What ACAS ruling says about your dismissal? Feel your Maternity and Parental Rights has been infringed? Not happy with your recent redundancy? You could be eligible for a considerable settlement amount in your favour?

Pick up a phone or just walk in to have a professional advice in a friendly atmosphere at Legend Solicitors. We can help you with our professional expertise under the following cases:

1) Contract of Employment
2) Service Agreement
3) Disciplinary and Grievance Procedure
4) Redundancy Procedure
5) Staff Handbook
6) TUPE Advice
7) Breach of Contract
8) Employment Tribunal Representation
9) Wrongful Dismissal
10) Unfair Dismissal
11) Discrimination
12) Constructive Dismissal
13) Compromise Agreement

A well prepared case is half won: Need representation for your claim in the Employment Tribunal, we can assist you with that process and represent you at any hearings.

Solicitor’s Note: Strictly speaking your claims must be presented to the Employment Tribunal within Three months of the act that you are complaining about taking place.

Contact our solicitor immediately for legal advice and you need to take action in timely,
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