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Purchase Conveyancing Process


1. Local Authority Search.

The Local Search gives details of the
  • Planning history
  • check the current and previous owners have not done anything contrary to planning laws.
  • Checks if road is maintained by the Local Authority or is private Road
  • Checks on proposals for new roads
  • Details of new railway development.
  • Provides information about the Council’s plans for the area, If the property is in a conservation area, a smoke control zone and much more.

2. Water and Drainage.

Water and Drainage Search reveals
  • Property is connected to mains water supply and mains sewerage.
  • Locations of the nearest public drains and sewers.
  • A public sewer or drain underneath or close to the property
  • Allow Water Authority access repair or replace their pipes.
  • Presence of a water meter on the Property

3. Environmental Search.

Environmental Searches
  • Reveal local businesses that may have licences to discharge pollution into the air or into local rivers.
  • Local businesses or authorities who have licences to hold radioactive materials.
  • If the property is in a natural floodplain
  • If the soil is such that it may be at risk from subsidence.
  • For a use that may have contaminated the land. (over the last 130 years)

4. Chancel Search.

The Chancel Check reveals
  • Potential Chancel Repair Liability on the property.
  • If the subject property is in a parish within the vicinity a medieval church
  • If there is a liability to contribute to the cost of repairs to the chancel of that church.

Anti Money Laundering Checks

AML Search is an electronic anti-money laundering service that enables you to verify an applicant confidently in minutes against multiple, approved and independent data sources to establish your identity.

Documents Required


Utility Bills in your name within the last three months

Our Panel Membership includes

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