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Contract Seaman

UK Border Agency has re opened the temporary concession to allow a limited number of non-EEA crew to be employed on fishing vessels operating in UK territorial waters. Applications under this concession must be made no later than 31 October 2011.

If you want to apply for permission to enter or stay in the UK under the concession, you must be able to:

  • Show that you work or will work in UK territorial waters ; and
  • Show that you are currently employed, or have been employed during a period 12 months before you apply, on a fishing vessel operating in the UK under the previous concession arrangements

You must also provide:

  • A valid passport satisfactorily establishing your nationality and identity, and a valid seafarer’s book satisfactorily establishing your profession as a seafarer;
  • Written confirmation from the owner of the vessel;
  • Original documentary evidence of a contract of employment with a UK resident employer;
  • Documentary evidence to confirm that the contract of employment will give you an income that complies with UK minimum wage regulations, and relevant tax and National Insurance regulations;
  • Original documentary evidence of safe and satisfactory accommodation while the vessel is at sea;
  • Written confirmation from your employer that you have received safety training;
  • An owner or agent’s written letter of guarantee regarding the costs and travel arrangements of your repatriation when your contract ends.
  • A signed declaration stating that you are aware that the concession will end on 31 Augsut 2012 and that you must leave the UK by that date.
  • A declaration signed by the vessels owner to the same effect.

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