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Buy to Let Properties

We offer friendly and common-sense advice on all aspects of buying a property for the purposes of letting. We will explain your rights and obligations as the landlord under the laws governing the Landlord and Tenant Act. We will help you understand the responsibilities you have to your tenants. For first-time landlords, our advice is invaluable, providing them the peace of mind to ensure that everything is in place and legally sound.

If you are purchasing a leasehold property for buy-to-let, additional costs of ground rents, service charges and building maintenance also need to be factored in when calculating the return and setting the rental rate.

Mortgage lenders have stricter Mortgage terms and conditions when lending for buy-to-let properties. Our conveyancing team will ensure that your acquisition is completed as efficiently as possible.

Being a landlord comes with a range of legal responsibilities relating to health and safety and safeguarding your tenants’ deposits. With so much at stake, buy-to-let landlords need experienced property lawyers who are familiar with the different mortgages and insurance requirements for buy-to-let properties. At Legend Solicitors, our specialist lawyers have extensive experience in working with landlords and tenants, banks and insurance Companies on buy-to-let projects.