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Adult Dependent Relatives Visas

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  • Are your parents financially, physically or emotionally dependent on you?
  • Would you – either now, or in the future -like to be able to look after them in the UK?
  • Are you keen to ensure a lasting bond between your children and their grandparents?
  • Are you in need of your brother or sister to join you or your family to take care in UK?

You can come to live permanently in the UK as an adult dependent relative of someone who is already a permanent resident here.

Applicant can apply dependent visa on who are

  • Aged 18 or over and
  • A parent, grandparent, brother, sister, son or daughter of a British citizen or person settled in the UK.


Following reasons are acceptable to join a settled person in UK?

  • If, you need long term care to perform everyday tasks such as cooking, washing, supporting in all the way of day-to-day activities.


  • The care you need which is not available in your country or no person is taking care of you in your country or the service you looking which is not reasonably provide or its not affordable. And your sponsor in UK can support you with care, accommodation and adequate maintenance, without receiving or relying public fund at-least 5 years from the of your entry clearance.

The Adult Dependant Relative (ADR) rule came into force in July 2012, changes in family migration rules that permanent resident to apply to come to UK to join their family here.

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